Using ArchiMate with TOGAF ADM

Using ArchiMate with TOGAF ADM

This article explain how using ArchiMate with TOGAF ADM which both them are maintained by the Open Group. How well do they complement each other in making the life of an enterprise architect easier.

Using TOGAF with ArchiMate

TOGAF ADM splits enterprise architecture  into  different domains into layers (i.e. the core layers of ADM: Business, Application/Data, Technology). ArchiMate also takes the same approach where in the different domains are corresponding to the different layers which are dependent on one another as shown in the the Figure:

Relationships between TOGAF ADM and ArchiMate

TOGAF ADM is a Architecture Content Framework which defines the core metamodel that requires to be addressed in TOGAF implementations, such as, different artifacts (Catalogs-matrices-diagrams) are required to be produced in different phases of the ADM. 

Using ArchiMate for TOGAF ADM

Both TOGAF ADM and Archimate define the different entities and relationships among those entities in their corresponding metamodels, and in fact, most of the TOGAF ADM deliverables can be represented and modeled by Archimate diagram notation with some supplement of textual information.

ArchiMate Diagram ArchiSurance Example

Artifacts Not Modeled by ArchiMate

Some TOGAF views are not matched in the ArchiMate core, however. Partially, this is because the scope of TOGAF is broader and in particular addresses more of the high-level strategic issues and the lower-level engineering aspects of system development, whereas the ArchiMate core is limited to the enterprise architecture level of abstraction.

TOGAF ADM deliverables require both many non visual model that can not be covered by ArchiMate. For example, In the Phase E opportunities and Solutions and Migration phase of TOGAF ADM,  it refers to implementation specific requirements which cannot be achieved using Archimate.

In short, it is not possible to use ArchiMate to produce all deliverbales and artifacts required by TOGAF ADM, in stead ArchiMate fill the gap by producing almost all the required visual models in simple unified notation resided in the deliverables as artifacts for simplifying your enterprise architecture development work.

Automate TOGAF ADM Process with ArchiMate

Using the standard TOGAF® ADM diagram to traverse and get your enterprise architect growing intuitively without going back and fourth with stacks of documentation and standard references.

TOGAF ADM Process Navigator

Actionable Guided Process

Visual Paradigm provides architects visual and actionable activities for developing all the deliverables for the entire TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) with instructions, modeling tools, samples, guidelines and techniques.

Actionable Guided Process

Form Filling and Inline Instruction

You really don’t need to learn too much in order to develop an enterprise architecture because all you need is to follow the instructions and samples, and fill in the blanks.

Form Filling and Inline Instruction

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