The strategy Layer include elements for capability, resource, and course of action which are added to support modeling strategy, capability-based planning, and related domains. This supports the increased usage of Enterprise Architecture in supporting strategy execution, and is in line with approaches used in related standards, such as the TOGAFRead More →

  The additional concepts: Resource, Capability and Course of Action introduced in the new strategy layer makes ArchiMate 3.0 more relevant for capability-based planning and strategic activities within the enterprise. The enterprise architects now can take advantage of them for ensuring the alignment of business and IT in enterprise architecture development. Structure Elements ResourceRead More →

The Strategy concepts include a number of strategy elements as follows: Capability Resource course of action as Show in the Metamodel below: These are defined as specializations of the generic behavior and structure elements. Relationships between Strategy Concepts The diagram below depicts an overview of the strategy elements and theirRead More →