The purpose of the motivation extension is to model the motivation behind the core elements in some enterprise architecture. Therefore, it should be possible to relate motivational elements to core elements as shown in Figure below: Meaning and value can be associated with any structure or behavior element. Relating Core ElementsRead More →

The metamodels and examples from show the different types of relationships that can be used: between two motivational elements between one motivational element and one core element. The Table below provides a  description of these relationships: Intentional Relationships Notation Association Association models that some intention is related to a sourceRead More →

As mentioned in Part I, the metamodel of motivational is an extension in ArchiMate as shown in the Figure below that includes two kind of motivational concepts: 1) Source of Intentions 2) Motivation There are four motivation elements: 1) Goal, 2) Principle, 3) Requirement, and 4) Constraint Goal A goal is defined as an end state thatRead More →