In ArchiMate, you can group a collection of services to form (financial or information) products as illustrated in the example below: In the Figure above, a group of six services together with the insurance policy contract forms a product called Travel Insurance that specifies the characteristics, rights and requirements associatedRead More →

Notational Cues in ArchiMate In addition to the colors, other notational cues can be used to distinguish between the layers of the framework. A letter ‘M’, ‘S’, ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘P’, or ‘I’ in the top-left corner of an element can be used to denote a Motivation, Strategy, Business, Application,Read More →

In ArchiMate models, there are no formal semantics assigned to colors and the use of color is left to the modeler.  However, they can be used freely to stress certain aspects in models. In many of the example models presented in the ArchiMate Specification, colors are used to distinguish betweenRead More →