How to Group Services into Product in ArchiMate?

How to Group Services into Product in ArchiMate?

In ArchiMate, you can group a collection of services to form (financial or information) products as illustrated in the example below:

How to group services into product in ArchiMate

In the Figure above, a group of six services together with the insurance policy contract forms a product called Travel Insurance that specifies the characteristics, rights and requirements associated with the product. These services are often organisational services, but application services may also be part of a product. This ‘package’ is offered as a whole to (internal or external) customers.

‘Buying’ a product gives the customer the right to use the associated services. The value of a product or service is what makes some party appreciate it. Value is often expressed in terms of money, but non-monetary value is also essential to business, for example, practical or functional value (including the right to use a service), and the value of information or knowledge. In this case, the value associated by the client of the travel insurance would typically be something like ‘to be insured’ or ‘security’.


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