This Case Study demonstrates the value of the ArchiMate® 3.0 modeling language for planning and expressing complex business transformation. The Case Study is about a fictitious manufacturer named ArchiMetal. Through high-level architecture modeling, the ArchiMate language illuminates the coherence between an organization, and its processes, applications, and technology. This CaseRead More →

The ArchiMate tool supports all the graphical notations you need to model businesses, information systems and physical technology architectures, and their inter-relationships. ArchiMate 3.0 also supports modeling organization’s strategies, the drivers of architecture development and plans for the implementation and migration of architecture. (Visit Visual Paradigm Community Circle)  Read More →

ArchiMate presents different viewpoints according to certain criteria. Using the standard viewpoints in ArchiMate 2.0, architects can develop viewpoints based on stakeholders, concerns, purpose, abstraction level, layer, and aspects (i.e., behavior, information, and structure). The architects get feedback from stakeholders and architecture teams to craft a viewpoint relevant to each group.Read More →

Working Page for the Views & Viewpoints Working Group The Open Group have developed the ArchiMate enterprise architecture modelling language to provide a uniform representation for diagrams that describe enterprise architectures, primarily in the domain of information-intensive organizations. It offers an integrated architectural approach that describes and visualizes the different architectureRead More →