ArchiMate Relationships Summary Structural Relationships Name Representation Definition * Composition Indicates that an element consists of one or more other concepts. Aggregation Indicates that an element consists of one or more other concepts. Assignment Expresses the allocation of responsibility, performance of behavior, or execution. Realization   Indicates that an entityRead More →

ArchiMate 3 – Implementation & Migration Element Notations Name Representation Definition * Plateau A relatively stable state of the architecture that exists during a limited period of time. Gap A statement of difference between two plateaus. Deliverable A precisely-defined outcome of a work package. Work Package A series of actionsRead More →

ArchiMate 3 – Physical Elements Notations Name Representation Definition * Equipment One or more physical machines, tools, or instruments that can create, use, store, move, or transform materials. Facility A physical structure or environment. Distribution Network A physical network used to transport materials or energy. Material Tangible physical matter orRead More →

ArchiMate 3 – Application Layer Notations Name Representation Definition * Application Collaboration An aggregate of two or more application components that work together to perform collective application behavior. Application Component An encapsulation of application functionality aligned to implementation structure, which is modular and replaceable. It encapsulates its behavior and data,Read More →

ArchiMate Business Layer Notations Name Representation Defiintion * Business Actor A business entity that is capable of performing behavior. Business Role The responsibility for performing specific behavior, to which an actor can be assigned, or the part an actorplays in a particular action or event. Business Collaboration An aggregate of two or more businessRead More →

ArchiMate Notation ArchiMate 3 – Technology Layer Notations Name Representation Definition * Node A computational or physical resource that hosts, manipulates, or interacts with other computational or physical resources. Device A physical IT resource upon which system software and artifacts may be stored or deployed for execution. System Software SoftwareRead More →