ArchiMate Notation: Part 3 – Technology Layer

ArchiMate Notation: Part 3 – Technology Layer

ArchiMate Notation

ArchiMate 3 – Technology Layer Notations
Name Representation Definition *
Node A computational or physical resource that hosts, manipulates, or interacts with other computational or physical resources.
Device A physical IT resource upon which system software and artifacts may be stored or deployed for execution.
System Software Software that provides or contributes to an environment for storing, executing, and using software or data deployed within it.
Technology Interface A point of access where technology services offered by a node can be accessed.
Technology Function A collection of technology behavior that can be performed by a node.
Technology Service An explicitly defined exposed technology behavior.
Technology Collaboration   An aggregate of two or more nodes that work together to perform collective technology behavior.
Technology Interaction   A unit of collective technology behavior performed by (a collaboration of) two or more nodes.
Technology Event   A technology behavior element that denotes a state change.
Technology Process   A sequence of technology behaviors that achieves a specific outcome.
Artifact A piece of data that is used or produced in a software development process, or by deployment and operation of a system.
Communication Path A link between two or more nodes, through which these nodes can exchange data or material.
Network A set of structures that connects computer systems or other electronic devices for transmission, routing, and reception of data or data-based communications such as voice and video.
ArchiMate  3 – Technology Layer Notations
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