Motivation Extension in ArchiMate (Part I) – Metamodel

Motivation Extension in ArchiMate (Part I) – Metamodel

Motivational concepts are used to model the motivations, or reasons, that underlie the design or change of some enterprise architecture. These motivations influence, guide, and constrain the design.

The metamodel of motivational is an extension in ArchiMate as shown in the Figure below that includes two kind of motivational concepts:

  • Source of Intention

The source of intention originates from either inside or outside the enterprise, which influence the motivational elements.

For Example:

stakeholders, drivers, and assessments

  • Motivation or Intention

The actual motivations are represented by goals, principles, requirements, and constraints.

Goals represent some desired result that a stakeholder wants to achieve


increasing customer satisfaction by 10%. Principles and requirements represent desired properties of solutions – or means – to realize the goals.

Principles are normative guidelines that guide the design of all possible solutions in a given context.


The principle  – “Data should be stored only once” represents a means to achieve the goal of “Data consistency” and applies to all possible designs of the organization’s architecture.

Requirements (motivation) represent formal statements of need, expressed by stakeholders (source of intention), which must be met by the architecture or solutions.

Constraint is defined as a restriction on the way in which a system is realized.


Time or budget constraints

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