Aspects and Layers in ArchiMate Core Framework The active structure aspect represents the structural concepts (the business actors, application components, and devices that display actual behavior; i.e., the “subjects” of activity). The behavior aspect represents the behavior (processes, functions, events, and services) performed by the actors. Behavioral concepts are assignedRead More →

A key challenge in the development of Enterprise Architecture is to strike a balance between the specificity of languages for: Individual architecture domains A very general set of architecture concepts (Business, Application and Technology) A set of inter-related entities that can reflects a view of systems The ArchiMate Core FraemworkRead More →

ArchiMate is an open and independent enterprise architecture modeling language to support the description, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across business domains in an unambiguous way. ArchiMate offers a common language for describing the construction and operation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical infrastructure. This insight helps stakeholders to design,Read More →