What is Business Layer in ArchiMate? Learn By Example

What is Business Layer in ArchiMate? Learn By Example

ArchiSurance – Business Layer Example

In this example, (1) Client and (2) ArchiSurance are business actors, the active entities that perform behavior such as business processes or functions.

A business role is assigned to each actor. (1) Client has the role of (3)Insurant and makes use of the Damage insurance product.

(2) ArchiSurance has the role as an (4) Insurer and is responsible for the Damage claiming business process, which is expressed by the assignment relation between the business process and the role.

(5) The Damage claiming process consists of four business functions.

In the example a distinction is made between “external” and “internal” behavior of (2) ArchiSurance.

The external visible behavior is modeled as business services: ( (6) Claims Registration Service, (7) Customer Information Service, and (8)Claims Payment Service) that are realized by the internal business functions: ( (A) Registration, (B) Acceptance, (C) Valuation, and (D) Payment) within the Damage claiming process.

These business services, together with a (9) contract, are grouped into a product.

The value of the product in this example is to be “insured” or “security”.

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