What is Application Layer in ArchiMate ? Learn by Example

What is Application Layer in ArchiMate ? Learn by Example

ArchiSurance – Application Layer Example

In this example below, both structural and behavioral concepts of the Application Layer are illustrated.

(1) Web front end” is the application interface that provides access to the application service called “(2) Policy creation service”.

It is a composite part of the Home & Away policy administration application component (i.e., the application component exposes the application interface).

The “(3)Policy creation” application function realizes the “(4) Policy creation” application service. It is comprised of three lower level application functions – (5) calculate risk, (6) calculate premium, and (7) create policy. These three application functions are linked by triggering dynamic relationships.

The data object called “(8) Insurance request” has an access structural relationship indicating that it is read by the “(5) Calculate risk” and “(6) Calculate premium” application functions, whilst the other data object shown, “(9) Insurance policy data” is created by the “(7) Create policy” application function.

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