What is Technology Layer in ArchiMate ? Learn by Example

What is Technology Layer in ArchiMate ? Learn by Example

The Technology Layer describes system software applications and infrastructure. Whenever applicable, the ArchiMate language has drawn analogies with the Business and Application Layers.

Technology Layer Example

In this example, structural, behavioral, and informational concepts of the Technology Layer are illustrated.

The structural technology node “ (1)Mainframe” is shown to contain two system software elements – (2) CICS and (3) DBMS.

The “ (1) Mainframe” node is used in the delivery of the infrastructure service “ (4) Database service”, which is indicated by a realization relationship.

The “ (1) Mainframe” node is linked to the “ (5) NAS file server” device via a network, in this case a “ (6) LAN”.

The “ (5) NAS file server” facilitates the use of information artifacts – “ (7) Data files”.

A second infrastructure service called “ (8) File access service” is realized by the “ (5) NAS file server”.

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