A New GitBook Target for ArchiMate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Here is the Table of Contents: 20 ARTICLES  What is ArchiMate?  Why ArchiMate?  What is Service Concepts in ArchiMate  How to Group Services into Product in ArchiMate? What is Aspects in ArchiMate? What is ArchiMate Layers? ArchiMate Core Framework Example Read More →

Notational Cues in ArchiMate In addition to the colors, other notational cues can be used to distinguish between the layers of the framework. A letter ‘M’, ‘S’, ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘P’, or ‘I’ in the top-left corner of an element can be used to denote a Motivation, Strategy, Business, Application,Read More →

The physical elements are added as an extension to the Technology Layer for modeling the physical world. There are only active and passive structure element concepts in the physical elements and there are no separate physical behavior elements are defined here in this layer. The behavior elements from the TechnologyRead More →

The implementation and migration elements support the implementation and migration of architectures. This includes: The Concepts for modeling  implementation programs Projects to support program Portfolio Project management A plateau concept to support migration planning The Figure below gives an overview of the implementation and migration elements and their relationships.  Read More →

Physical concepts describe the Physical Elements, which include concepts relevant for the modeling of physical concepts like machines and physical installations. The physical elements are added as an extension to the Technology Layer for modeling the physical world. The Figure below gives an overview of the physical elements and their relationships.Read More →

  The additional concepts: Resource, Capability and Course of Action introduced in the new strategy layer makes ArchiMate 3.0 more relevant for capability-based planning and strategic activities within the enterprise. The enterprise architects now can take advantage of them for ensuring the alignment of business and IT in enterprise architecture development. Structure Elements ResourceRead More →

The Strategy concepts include a number of strategy elements as follows: Capability Resource course of action as Show in the Metamodel below: These are defined as specializations of the generic behavior and structure elements. Relationships between Strategy Concepts The diagram below depicts an overview of the strategy elements and theirRead More →

In ArchiMate models, there are no formal semantics assigned to colors and the use of color is left to the modeler.  However, they can be used freely to stress certain aspects in models. In many of the example models presented in the ArchiMate Specification, colors are used to distinguish betweenRead More →

A technology object models the passive structure elements that are used and processed by the infrastructure. Technology objects represent the “physical” objects manipulated by the infrastructure of an enterprise. Technology objects are abstract elements; i.e., they are not instantiated in models but serve as the generic type of the things manipulatedRead More →