Technology Layer in ArchiMate Part 1 – Metamodel

Technology Layer in ArchiMate Part 1 – Metamodel

Technology Layer

The Technology Layer depicts technology services such as processing, storage, and communication services needed to run the applications, and the computer and communication hardware and system software that realize those services. Physical elements are added for modeling physical equipment, materials, and distribution networks to this layer.


The Technology Layer Metamodel gives an overview of the Technology Layer elements and their relationships. Whenever applicable, inspiration is drawn from the analogy with the Business and Application Layers.

Active Structure Concepts

The main active structure element for the Technology Layer is the (1) node. This element is used to model structural entities in this layer.

A (2) technology interface is the (logical) place where the technology services offered by a (1) node can be accessed by other (1) nodes or by application components from the Application Layer.

The inter-relationships of components in the Technology Layer are mainly formed by the communication infrastructure. The (3) path models the relation between two or more (1) nodes, through which these nodes can exchange information.

The physical realization of a (3) path is modeled with a (4) communication network; i.e., a physical communication medium between two or more (5) devices (or other networks).

(6) System software is a specialization of a (1) node that is used to model the software environment in which artifacts run.

(7) Technology collaboration is an aggregate of two or more nodes (i.e. (5) Devices or (6) system software or both) that work together to perform collective technology behavior.

Behavior Concepts

Behavior elements in the Technology Layer are similar to the behavior elements in the other two layers.

A distinction is made between:

The external behavior of nodes in terms of (A) Technology services

The internal behavior of these nodes in terms of (B) technology functions that realize these services.

(B) Technology functions and other technology behavior may be triggered or interrupted by a (C) technology event.

Passive Structure Elements

A (X) technology object represents a passive element that is used or produced by technology behavior. Technology objects represent the “physical” objects manipulated by the infrastructure of an enterprise.

(A) Technology objects are abstract elements; i.e., they are not instantiated in models but serve as the generic type of the things manipulated by the Technology Layer.

This may include both (Y) artifacts (e.g., files) and physical material.

An (Y) artifact is a physical piece of information that is used or produced in a software development process.


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