Technology Layer in ArchiMate Part 4 – Passive Structure Concepts

Technology Layer in ArchiMate Part 4 – Passive Structure Concepts

A technology object models the passive structure elements that are used and processed by the infrastructure. Technology objects represent the “physical” objects manipulated by the infrastructure of an enterprise. Technology objects are abstract elements; i.e., they are not instantiated in models but serve as the generic type of the things manipulated by the Technology Layer. This may include both artifacts (e.g., files) and physical material.

Artifact Concept Notation

The artifact element has been taken from UML. An artifact is a physical piece of information that is used or produced in a software development process, or by deployment and operation of a system. They can be deployed on a node. 

It is the representation, in the form of: artifacts: such as, file, of a data object.

Artifacts Concept Example

In this example, a Web Archive artifact (which may realize an application component) is composed of two other artifacts:

  • Database Access Java Archive
  • Business Logic Java Archive.

Two specializations of the Web Archive artifact are:

  • Purchase Application Web Archive
  • Quotation Application Web Archive.

A Travel Insurance Database artifact (which may realize a data object) is associated with the Web Archive artifact.

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