Implementation and Migration Layer: Part 2 – Concepts

Implementation and Migration Layer: Part 2 – Concepts

The implementation and migration elements support the implementation and migration of architectures which includes:

  • Work Package
  • Implementation Event
  • Deliverable
  • Gap
  • Plateau

Work Package Concept

A work package is a behavior element that has a clearly defined beginning and end date, and a well-defined set of goals or results.

The work package concept can be used at many levels to model:

  • projects
  • sub-projects
  • tasks within a project
  • program
  • project portfolio

Deliverable Concepts

A deliverable may also be the implementation of (or a part of) an architecture. Work packages produce deliverables. These may be results of any kind, such as:

  • reports
  • papers
  • services
  • software
  • physical products
  • intangible results, i.e. organizational change.

Implementation Event

A behavior element denotes a state change related to implementation or migration.

  • Work packages may be triggered or interrupted by an implementation event.
  • Also, work packages may raise events that trigger other behavior.
  • Unlike a work package, an event is instantaneous: it does not have duration.
  • The name of an implementation event should preferably be a verb in the perfect tense; e.g., “project initiation phase completed”.

Plateau Element

The plateau element is included to support the different states of an architecture in the TOGAF framework, namely the Baseline, Target, and Transition Architecture states.


A gap is an outcome of the gap analysis technique, and forms an important input for the implementation and migration planning. The gap element is linked to two plateaus (e.g., Baseline and Target Architecture, or two subsequent Transition Architectures), and represents the differences between these plateaus.

Implementation and Migration Layer Example

The following example depicts a simple example of a business transformation project from baseline architecture to target architecture. There is a gap between them which is elaborated by the back-office system integration project.

The proposed project is modeled by a set of work packages and the corresponding deliverables.

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